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Up The Love, Issue #011 Argue for your limitations and they're yours
March 02, 2017

Welcome to the 11th issue of the Up The Love newsletter!!

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In this 11th issue is an original article on arguing for your limitations and they're yours.

Argue for your limitations and they're yours!!

If you argue that you can’t do such and such a thing, well guess what, you can’t and won’t do it. If you argue for what you feel are your limitations chances are you will take no action and you will not challenge these self imposed restrictions. What are the consequences of these actions? How does this all relate to one’s self esteem? Well one obvious consequence is that you cut yourself off from experiencing more life.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. You either have your arms wrapped around the tree trunk of security or you’re playing on the skinny branches. If you have your arms wrapped around the tree trunk of life, you definitely play it safe in life and seldom if at all, take risks. If you make choices out of fear and playing it safe you don’t grow as a human being. There is no growth in the comfort zone. You grow outside the comfort zone when you’re uncomfortable.

This has a direct impact on one’s self esteem. People who take risks experience a rise in their self esteem. They feel better about themselves for challenging their fears and taking action anyway.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear is not real. It is just a feeling, meant to be felt and released.

I remember back in September of 1983 I had enrolled in a 6 day course 80 miles north of San Francisco. It was personal growth meets outward bound. On one of the days the 80 participants from around the world including myself, spent a day on the mountain. It was 107 degrees out.

We were expected to do 3 events – a 75 ft repel down a cliff; a zip line over a small canyon and finally a Tyrolean traverse where you hang upside down parallel to a cable and pull yourself across this canyon. The toughest one to do and the scariest was the Tyrolean traverse. I did it. I felt so good about myself I could not believe it. What I thought was possible just go blown out of the water.

You can take baby steps when it comes time to taking risks. They do not have to be big gigantic leaps into the unknown. Taking risks is like exercising a muscle. A little bit at a time. Your self esteem will love you for it!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this original article.

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Self esteem quote: Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Feel the fear. It is only a feeling meant to be felt and released. The more we do this and don't let our fears stop us from taking action then life truly becomes a daring adventure.

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