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Up The Love, Issue #010 How to be the love of our life
February 01, 2017

Welcome to the 10th issue of the Up The Love newsletter!!

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In this 10th issue is an original article on how to be the love of our life!!

How to be the love of our life!!

I am the love of my life. Does it seem strange to say that about myself? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to say my girlfriend is the love of my life, or my wife is the love of my life?

We have a tendency to make our partners more important than us and one of the ways we do that is to say they are the love of our lives. Now being the love of my life doesn’t mean I am a selfish egotistical so and so prone to always thinking of myself and not of others.

Being the love of my life does mean that I honestly, sincerely love myself, value myself, put myself first in my life, have learned to love myself in my loved one’s presence and am worthy of my own love.

In other words I have high self esteem. When I do the above I naturally want to love others. It is very easy to give to other people when the “well is full”, when we are filled up with love for ourselves.

It is harder and much more common to love others conditionally expecting something in return. Often this expectation is left unsaid or not communicated.

It is a very common theme in all toxic relationships – I love you, but you better or I hope you will love me in return.

How do we get to this place of the “well being full” or high self esteem so that we can be the love of our lives?

1). Check out my article on my website: self esteem exercises and do this simple yet very powerful exercise on learning to take responsibility for oneself.

2). Also check out the article self esteem affirmations on a very potent way to increase one’s self esteem and create a positive mindset. In doing these exercises one is well on the way to becoming the love of our life! Now a very interesting thing may happen. Like attracts like. Being the love of one’s life may attract another person into one’s life and they become the love of one’s life too.

Do you see how it all works???!!! Learning to love oneself attracts someone who is on the same path. It all spirals upwards!! The outer world must reflect the inner world!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this original article.

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Self esteem quote: You can't heal what you don't feel!

Feel your feelings. They're only feelings, to be felt and released. We always feel better when we do this. Feeling feelings promotes great healing within.

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With love, Dave.

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